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Brushed Lace

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Brushed lace is the absolute finest, softest and thinnest mohair yarn for knitwear. The yarn is of the type Silkmohair. This yarn gives a real "wow effect".
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Brushed lace
25 grams per bundle. Running length 210m per bundle.

Brushed lace is a quality yarn made from super fine fibers from angora goat kids mixed with mulberry silk, which is the finest silk. The yarn consists of 72% fine kid mohair and 28% mulberry silk. The hair from the kid is carefully selected for this product. The fibers must be very fine and long to provide the best quality. There is no are not silicone or other softening agents are not added to achieve the softness. A brushed mohair yarn will always shed a little hair, but we often hear that ours doesn't "shed" much. Brushed lace is often called silk mohair by knitters. This term refers to the fact that the mohair is mixed with silk. The word silk in this context is not an expression of the fineness of the mohair. We can only be proud of the fact that for our mohair yarn, this is actually true. Our Brushed Lace mohair yarn is silky soft and lustrous by nature. If you encounter the word Silkmohair, you should be critical, as it only indicates that the mohair yarn is blended with silk. It doesn't tell you anything about the quality of the mohair and silk.

Brushed lace is used in many different ways. Ultra light sweaters are knitted with one strand, PetitKnit's September Sweater is knitted with three strands and our model 88 Fluffy Bird sweater is knitted with four strands. Yes, we've even seen a designer create a bolero with eight strands of brushed lace. Anything is possible, so it's hard to suggest a suitable needle size. Brushed lace is also suitable as a companion yarn with our 1- and 2-ply kidmohair or other yarns.

The fine lustrous yarn is suitable for garments such as scarves, shawls and light sweaters and dresses.

Kidmohair is a natural product of the highest quality from South African mohair goats. Today, South Africa accounts for over 50% of the world's total mohair production, and this status gives rise to great responsibility for production methods and quality.

The mohair goats are sheared twice a year either by hand or by machine. The animals are in no way harmed in this process.
The mohair is sorted by length, fiber diameter and quality.
The mohair is then washed, carded and combed to the top, from which it is spun. Our yarn is spun from mohair that has RMS (Responsible Mohair Standard*) status.

The yarn is dyed according to Oeko Tex Standard 100

*Read more at Responsible Mohair Standard - Mohair South Africa