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Yarn of mohair from Mohair by Canard is super soft, nice to work with and feels nice to the skin as well as gives incredibly fine results after processing. The yarn is produced in South Africa, where we have a great focus on animal ethics and sustainability as well as proper working conditions and a fair environment for the employees.

The mohair from Mohair by Canard comes in four different types, 1-ply kidmohair, 2-ply kidmohair, bouclé mohair and brushed lace. Brushed lace has had a huge success in the market partly because of its incredibly soft and nice surface and not least because renowned and critical designers who prefer quality mohair have in several cases chosen our Brushed lace. All four types of yarn are available in many of colours, which can be seen in our shop or on the yarn type page here.

Back in 1992, we started breeding mohair goats, in order to produce natural products from the goats' hair, which, as we know, is called Mohair. The goats were cut twice a year and a wealth of product options opened up to us. The yarn became an important and sought-after product group. We opened a farm shop where we could sell yarn from our own and other Danish mohair producers' mohair goats. Today, there are only a few mohair goats left in Denmark and thus not enough for stable production. For many years, it was an amazing experience for us as a family, to deal with raw production, development, processing and sales. Now, after the kids move out, there's only two of us left on the farm. The animals are sold off, but we have preserved the store. The store evolved into a huge part of our lives and we must honestly say that we still love to have to deal with the store, the goats, even if it is not our own, and the yarn. We are very grateful that the goats and the yarn have given us so many experiences.

We can recommend to look for inspiration on patterns on ravelry.com When buying yarn in our store, a free pattern is can be requested when placing an order.See models and designs here and write the number in comments when you order on this page.


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