Mohair socks

Mohair has a great temperature regulating property, is nice soft and very durable.
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September 15, 2020
Mohair socks

Who cares about socks when it says mohair?

Most people probably connect mohair with some long-haired yarn- sweaters from the 80s or the silk/mohair of the time - but mohair is much much more.

Mohair has a great temperature regulating property, is nice soft and very durable. The wear resistance and comfort that characterize the mohair socks is probably the main reason why the mohair socks became the mainstay of our company "Von Broich Mohair". We had not imagined this when we bought the first mohair goats in 1992.

Originally we wanted to breed mohair goats and sell the mohair, but as knowledge of the characteristics of mohair became greater, new opportunities developed.

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The unique smooth hairs

The unique smooth hairs of the mohair goats are incredibly suitable for socks or socks, as dirt and bacteria have difficulty getting stuck.

This antibacterial effect in the mohair socksreduces the risk of unpleasant odors. Not only do we from the country with rubber boots benefit from mohair socks and mohair socks, but also athletes greatly appreciate the characteristics of mohair socks. We have long had great success with the hiking oxen for trekking, but now they are used in all sorts of situations where high protection of the feet is necessary.

The double bottom of the hiking socks acts shock absorbing, so whether you stand still on hard bottoms, go far or run, the mohair socks provide a great experience.

What is the difference between socks and socks?

In our view, it's always about socks if they go to the knee or above the knee. If it is short and maximum goes to the middle of the lower leg, as well as being thin and fits in ordinary shoes, it is still a socks, but a sock if it can be described as being thick.

However, it should not be so easy to distinguish, because if it is about someone who only just covers the foot and the heel it is a sock, no matter whether it is thick or thin. I'm sure there are many who want to define socks/socks differently, but that should not prevent us from finding the right mohair socks or mohair socks for our customers.

Because whether you call them mohair socks or mohair socks, you don't have to have cold feet after visiting Von Broich Mohair. In addition, we use the common name socks for both socks and socks.

Demand rises on quality socks of mohair

Many are, to say the least, wild with mohair socks and demand rising. It is wonderful and inspiring when customers ask about socks for specific purposes, because in this way we can produce the mohair socks consumers want.

In other words; we expand and adapt assortments according to customers' wishes.

An example is ski socks.

For quite a few years we have sold a lot of hiking socks and hunter socks to people who were going on ski holidays. Some of these customers returned and reported that in future they would only share a ski chalet with others who used mohair socks.

Those who used mohair socks could, without bothering others with bad smells, hang the mohair socks for aeration in the hut. The next day they were again ready for use if the owner had not overnight been stunned by the sour socks of the others. We were amused by these stories and have of course got ski socks in the store.


If you need to keep your cool and your hands at rest, it is important to have warmth and well-adjusted feet. The hunter socks were the first special socks we put into production and they have always been a huge hit.

If you go hunting, it is important to be able to stay focused, and as you know, everything is difficult with cold feet.

However, you do not have to go hunting, to benefit from hunter socks of mohair. Everyone who relies on wearing rubber boots has the opportunity to feel foot comfort with the mohair socks.

Like the hiking socks, the hunter socks have a double bundle, which makes them always comfortable to wear. The long shaft also makes them suitable for people at sea with rubber boots. The hunter socks not only protect the feet, but also the leg is protected from friction from the rubber boots.

Another and extremely significant reason for high foot comfort is that mohair socks are really good at directing moisture away from the body, so whether you are hunting or on a fishing boat, the feet feel lovely dry.

The hunter socks, the thick long socks. Good for outdoor use in the cold times of the year.

When I was in school

When I was at school, trousers or woolly tights were replaced with knee socks when the spring sun or early summer sun rays peeked out.

At the time, we called these socks sports socks. When today I call our thin knee socks of mohair sports socks, all younger people look at me a little strangely and I get the feeling of being somewhat pre-historical. On the other hand, a kind of federation occurs when adults my age send me a dandruff with smiles and a blink of an eye.

They know that once knee socks and sports socks were the same, even though they were not used for sport.

It's kind of funny when our mohair knee socks are used for sports a lot, but we just can't call them that. Especially within the part of the equestrian sport where long-shafted riding boots are used, the riders use mohairknæ socks. For other sports where the calf has to keep warm and the socks is not allowed to fill much, we also sell a number of mohairknæ socks.

Whether it's a sports or knee socks and no matter what they're produced for, they do the benefit of many. We sell many knee socks of mohair to older people because they often need a good warmth, not only on the feet, but on the entire lower leg.

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Red standard mohair socks

The circuit is important

The circuit is important. It is for all of us, but not at all it goes without saying that the blood just runs smoothly over the years.

Softtop mohair socks are specially made for people with circulatory problems and for diabetics. The shaft with the long ribbed edge means that the socks connects to the leg of the entire piece without tightening elastic edge. The softtop mohair socks is also often used as a night socks.

Recently we had a customer, an elderly lady, who pretty much only used our sotftop mohair socks. A few months earlier, she had bought two pairs and she rushed to say that she did not come because they had been lost, but because her grandchildren (teenage girls) were always arguing about getting them on when they were visiting.

They said, 'They're cool, cosy socks and super cool when rolled down'.

We have gradually found that these particular softtop mohair socks are most often described by buyers as the best cozy socks. It is so a gain on top of that that they are also durable.

Standard mohair socks in different colors

The boring socks.

The boring socks. The perfectly normal mohair socks. The socks everyone wants. Most also buy together with the other mohair socks and mohair socks for special purposes. Because as they say:

"We also have to wear socks for everyday life."

And I guess weekdays are, by their very nature, the most days. It is no wonder that it is our regular standard mohair socks that we sell the most of.

They fit in regular shoes, are warm, durable, temperature regulating, act antibacterial and have a super good ability to direct moisture away from the foot. We offer standard mohair socks in the classic colors that anyone can use.

It is simply also the safe Christmas gift and mohair socks are for some reason not a boring Christmas present, although a few socks for Christmas sounds boring.

What is a plinth?

It's not called sports socks for fun, but actually because these mohair socks are specially developed for sports. Mohair sock is probably almost a plinth, ... and what is the difference between a sock and a plinth?

We would say that a plinth is a sock that only just covers the foot and is either light or thin. The composition of our sports socks is slightly different from most of our mohair socks, as a large part of them consists of bamboo. Bamboo has a natural antibacterial agent in it called "Bamboo Kun".

In addition, the sportsoks have a lot of details, such as comfortable cotton at ribbed edge, silky soft bamboo over the back of the foot, anatomical weak support and full upholstery of mohair in the foot for maximum protection.


Sports socks Alm

The sports sock is a so-called socklet, which is specially designed to support and fit snugly on the foot. It is breathable with good ability to wick moisture away from the foot. Very comfortable! With higher edge.

Oh, my feet!

"Ouch my feet." Unfortunately, something you hear too often. Not only from people who have gone a long way, but also from people who sit down a lot.

Our Medi socks are specially designed for people where care is really needed. This mohair socks that goes to over the middle of the lower leg is of course without tight closure. It is super soft and extremely elastic to provide a graduated fit. The foot is fully padded with mohair and wool to give a cushioning effect.

In addition to mohair and wool, the Medi socks contains a large amount of Bamboo. Bamboo has an anti-fungal effect and along with mohair this socks can really help people with delicate feet and legs.

The tuxedo includes an exclusive men's socks of mohair.

For the dance to succeed, the master must, of course, feel foot comfort!

A lovely evening also comes to an end, and imagine that the feet are let out of the shoes and the girl wrinkles her nose. A horror scenario at the end should be good.

With our exclusive men's socks, we do what we can to ensure the happy end.