A mohairplaid - pure everyday luxury

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December 7, 2019
A mohairplaid - pure everyday luxury

Time for relaxation

What's more stressful and cozy than snuggling under a nice blanket in your favorite nook?

It can be to read in a good book – be guided by captivating descriptions or engulfed in immersive plots. It can be to disconnect with TV or a good series. Or maybe just to have a good, well-deserved nap. Whether it's with others or alone, these little oases of relaxation are the pure everyday luxury. In connection with this, it is difficult not to fall in short for mohairplaids from Von Broich Mohair



Large light and airy plaid to take around it.

Fast heat

The temperature-regulating mohair material makes the plaid always feel warm and comfortable even if it is icy.


The luxury plaid of mohair comes in several different colors. To every taste.

3 fast on mohairplaiden

Mohair throws or blankets are super light and lovely to wrap themselves in. They are quick to take around and don't get dirty as the mohair is dirt repellent. It doesn't take many minutes before you have the heat under such a plaid, even if it's airy. The plaids come in many different colors, sizes and types. See the throws here.

Timeless design and quality - a plaid you can have for many years

Whether you choose a classic or a luxury mohairplaid, you get a plaid in timeless design and uncompromising quality. The delicate colours that the classic throws come in light up in the dark, create warmth and fit perfectly into a Nordic inspired décor. The slightly deeper and bright colours that the luxury posters come in, liven up the living room or reading corner and add a nice, personal touch.

Either way, it ensures discreet checkered pattern as well as the many fine colors and other designs that are to choose from that you can get a plaid that suits your personal taste and style. Whether you're into simple minimalism or frisky bohemian.

The high quality of these mohairplaiders ensures that your new carpet stays delicious for a long time. Investing in high-quality products – rather than quantity – that last a long time is a growing trend among many interior-conscious Danes. It provides both more well-being and value in everyday life, while saving the environment a lot of unnecessary pollution. In addition, it is rarely saved to buy cheap, low-quality products, because they usually have to be replaced relatively faster. The use-and-throw-away culture is in retreat precisely because such a way of dealing with products does nothing good either for ourselves or our surroundings.

But why a mohairplaid?

Von Broich's mohairplaids are extra delicious because they are made from sustainably made mohair. Mohair comes from mohair goats, whose hair is significantly finer, lighter and softer than sheep's. Therefore, a mohairplaid is also significantly softer and more luxurious than a wool blanket.

During the production and process of the mohair from which they produce their throws, care is taken of animals, people and the environment. At the same time, production is good for the local economy in South Africa. So you get both maximum luxury and well-being, without compromising your conscience, with one of these exclusive mohairplides.

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Cozy presence and romantic togetherness

A warm and silky plaid is the perfect starting point for both romantic togetherness and cozy presence. The fine, silky hairs from which the plaid is woven make it both light and snug.

A good evening with the family requires little equipment other than a good sofa and a nice blanket. Maybe a couple of candles, music and a good board game. The same goes for a date night with the one you love. Weaving your fingers under the blanket with hot cocoa and a good movie can be as romantic as a fine dinner. It's about warmth, security and cohesion.

This particular cohesion is especially something we enjoy during Christmas. Here, family and friends gather – it is the "feast of love" – undeniably a feeling that is awakened in most of us year after year during the Christmas season. A feeling that is only amplified in warm togetherness with the family under these plaid rugs.

Give yourself a moment of calm and reflection in your own home

In general, we live in a stressful everyday life, where it can be difficult to create time for uncoupling as well as relaxation. Therefore, these moments when we get completely disconnected and just enjoy being there have become a rare pleasure for many of us. If you never have time to relax, it's going to be hard to feel yourself.
What makes you happy? What matters to you? Where are you going – and is it the right way? These kinds of questions are much easier to think about when there is room and time for deep breath and calm heartbeat. One way to create more breathing holes in everyday life is to create hooks in your home where you can retreat from phone, work email and ticking clocks. A place where you can sit comfortably and relax in your own thoughts. For such a cozy nook, mohairplaider is perfect.

A mohairplaid is also the perfect gift

A mohairplaid is also the perfect gift. Then you have a friend or friend who enjoys relaxing in a good armchair or nice sofa, then he or she will almost certainly enjoy a mohairplaid. Whether it's as a hostess gift, a newcomer's gift, a birthday present or a Christmas present, a mohairplaid at the same time is appropriate and a creative gift. Because who won't be happy with a little sustainable everyday luxury to chase away the grey weather days?

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