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Plaids in mohair have always been part of the range in the farm shop at Von Broich Mohair in Bratbjerg. We are very proud of that. The Mohairplaid comes in five different versions, the kneeplaid, the classic mohairplaid and the luxury plaid, Beautiful Story and Allure. The luxury plaid is available in the colours Rainbow, Wood, Dry Green and the popular Ocean, which is actually our most beautifully talked about mohair rug. The classic plaid is a medium-sized plaid, smaller than the Luxury Plaid, but more than the KneePlaid. The knee plaid is a smaller plaid, but after all makes sure to keep you warm.

After a few seconds under the blankets, the heat already feels. They are warm and at the same time easy to put around, perfect for the sofa during both the summer and winter periods. Under one of our mohair blankets, cold feet is not an option.

All five plaid types consist mainly of mohair.

The blanket are now available in five different types:
- The Knee blanket which is 110cm x 130cm
- The Classic mohair blanket which is 180cm x 130cm
- Luxury mohair blanket which is 200cm x 150cm
- Beautiful Story which is 180cm x 130cm
- Allure which is 180cm x 130cm


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