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Since 1992 we have owned the farm in Bratbjerg 64. Below you can read our story and see our timeline in pictures. Photos from before 1999 and after 2008 coming soon.

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Beginning of the adventure

Von Broich Mohair started in 1992 when we made the leap from big city life to rural life. We had our first child and dreamed of giving him and possibly future children the opportunity to grow up close to nature. Shortly before, we had heard of the mohair goats. These cute little animals, whose fine hair could be used for a large selection of beautiful textiles, became the source of an exciting project.

We educated ourselves about mohair, animal fibers and goats. We thought we knew everything there was to know when we bought the country's oldest herd of about 160 anogra goats including a few goats of other breeds.

Read more about the angora goat (broken)


But we were wrong

Only at this point were we going to really learn. Dirt under the nails, goats that required special treatment and sleepless nights taught us that it took more than theory. But we learned and it was all worth it when spring came around as the stables was blooming with adorable and funny angora offspring who bounced around all day.

All the trouble paid off

After a few years we were among the country's best producers of raw mohair. Two years in a row, we could pride ourselves on having the best buck at the individual testing station and until we stopped producing raw mohair ourselves, we could deliver a super fine mohair to the production sites.


The country's largest farm shop with mohair

Originally the plan was to produce and sell raw mohair but after a few weeks with the goats, we were contacted by local tourist offices who encouraged us to show off the animals. We agreed and on a small table in the stable by the goats, we put a few finished produced mohair products.

The tourists wwanted buy and we saw a new road open up. Following this event we contacted processing sites around the world and then we selected the best sites to turn the raw mohair into finished textiles. An association for mohair breeders in Denmark and later a company was founded to collect, sort mohair and refine through the selected production companies.

I did not take many years before we developed the sale so much that Von Broich Mohair became the country's largest farm shop with mohair products and show off of angora goats.

Love for nature's qualities

Throughout, some of our key concepts have been animal ethics and quality products. It is with Mohair, as with other natural products, that the basic germ must be in order to achieve a real quality product. The daily care of the animals, as well as breeding and knowledge of the goat's natural way of life, is of the utmost importance.

Then, a few years ago, we had to realized that our backs could no longer withstand haircuts of the goats. Cutting mohair goats is an art.

For the sake of the goats, we didn't want anyone else to do it. The goats were sold but the store continues. Today we buy finished mohair products through the same channels that did when we produced raw mohair ourselves. We know from experience that these manufacturers value the same values as we do.

Our two children moved away to start their studies on the universities. Our dream had come true as we were able to provide excellently for our family and we had given our off spring the best possible push into the real world.

In our farm shop we sell mohair socks, throws, yarn etc.
When the goats were sold, we thought the store had to close but many of our regular customers over many years would still shop, so we decided to take it further. Today we are very pleased that we preserved the store and look forward to welcoming you on the farm where it all started or here on the web.
Annette von Broich


Von Broich Mohair was given the opportunity to show a lot of new products to tourists. The goats in the field are as curious as ever. First year of digital photos.
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Multicolored throws, which since then have always been one of our favorite products.

1999 throws

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The mohair goat is a small very curious animal that incredibly quickly becomes cuddly.

Goats in the field

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This year we got matching hats, throws, coats and vests to the store.

New hats and throws

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Three thick and long mohair socks had mohair logo on the side at the time.

Thick mohair socks


Like most, 2000 was a little special. Millennial change and the opportunity to expand. We were well aware that if we could last for 8 years then we could last even more.
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A cozy corner in the store.

Luxury mohair blankets

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Maria, who was 5 years old, is already doing well with the animals.

Maria in her ace

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The beautiful mohair throws we hung so that they could always be seen and touched.

Single colored blankets

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The offspring where born in spring. We loved this period!

Offspring in the garden


As always a lot happened on the farm. The animals had offspring, the family got dogs and the field was filled with sunflowers. A little adventure for us and our tourists.
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The two lovely dogs. Abby an Australian Cattledog and Gry a Border Collie. Both well suited for herding animals.

Abby and Gry

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The majority part of our goats was cuddly. They always wanted to say hallo to people.

Angora goat, the cuddly goat

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Spring, which means offspring is coming.

Small chicks

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This year we planted a sunflower field. An amazing sight.

Sunflower field


10 years and we were still going strong! The shop was filled with beautiful products. This year we had an intern from Holland on the farm who was hugely committed to the animals.
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The shop filled with socks, yarns, hats and matching coats, shawls and vests.

The store was stocked

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The Angora goats needed to be sheared twice a year. We did the haircut with spectators so the tourists had something exciting to see.


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The intern at the farm coped with all the challenges. She also managed to cut hooves on the goats, even the bucks.


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We loved Christmas. The Christmas tree and Christmas lights were turned on in the courtyard.

Christmas time


The flowers bloomed and summer was wonderful for both us and the animals. Annette and Kirsten were once again models for our products. The Christmas season was celebrated with Christmas lights and Christmas tree!
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A few years earlier our cat, Winnie, had kittens. One of the kittens was this handsome male with beige color and a large white mane.


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Annette and a black tight-knitted poncho made of mohair.

Poncho of mohair

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Kirsten, Annette's sister, was on the farm and was modelling for our beautiful products.

Poncho of mohair

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The Christmas tree and Christmas lights came up. This year it was a white Christmas.

A white Christmas


The year went by with a lot of work. We built new driveways, lawns and avenues. All the men were put to work, even the boys next door came to help.
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The goats were always cuddly and were very curious.

Goat herder

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We built new driveways with lawns and avenues

New driveway

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Construction of a new football field and an avenue.

Excavation work

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Although there was a lot of work, there should also be time for dog and goat training.

Shepherd Dog


A huge storm came around in the spring so we had to plant a new forest. That firewood kept us warm for several winters to come.
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Trees toppled and tore up roots after a major storm in the spring.

Stormy weather in Denmark

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After a lot of work from the whole family and large machines, new trees were planted.

Newly planted trees

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One year after the construction of new lawns and avenues, the area at Bratbjerg 64 looked green again.

Green again

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Maria is still fond of the animals.

Training of dogs and goats


New opportunities to sit and eat packed lunches, and at the same time see goats, horses and other animals on the farm. We dug a lake. The main function of the lake was to collect some of the rainwater so that everything was not flooded.
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Excavation of the lake resulted in huge amounts of sand that we used to build the equestrian track.

Excavation of the lake

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The annual cleaning of the barn takes place when the goats came to the field.

Cleaning of barn

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Winter came and Annette found a nice tree to enjoy the sun in.

Remember the sunscreen!


Every year something new and exciting had to happen on the farm. This year, the little lawn was under fire. As the children had gradually become too big for swings, we chose to remove the tripod and build a new lawn.
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Maria was in charge of today's cleaning of the stable.

Stables are swept every day

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The small lawn needed renewal.

New lawn again!

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One year after the lake's excavation, it began to look natural.


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It wasn't just outside we renovated, it was also inside. This time it was tiling in the store.

Indoor work


Silence before the storm ... 2008 was a quiet year, still time in the store with new yarns and the opportunity to pet a goat in the field.
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Multicolored Bouclé yarn in the store became a hit. Today we still have multicolored Bouclé yarn.

Bouclé yarn

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Our 2\-ply kidmohair has been in the store since the beginning 1992.

2-ply kidmohair

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Both the male and female angora goat have horns.


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Since 1992 it has been possible to visit and pet the goats. Today, however, we only have goats in the field in the summer.

Visit the goats


More pictures and more history coming soon...