The hiking sock - the universal mohair sock

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August 31, 2020
The hiking sock - the universal mohair sock

Interview with Leopold about The Walking Socks

Leopold grew up with mohair, because ever since he was a child, his parents, Annette and Ulrich, have run Von Broich Mohair in North Jutland.

It has given him an in-depth and personal knowledge of a world filled with mohair products. Therefore, in this interview with Leopold will ask about one of his favorite products in mohair – the walking slipper!

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3 quick on the walking socks

"The walking socks, the walking sock or the house sock, call it what you want, because it deserves everything it can get. This socks is simply the socks. No matter what you're looking for out of warmth or comfort to your feet, this socks is there to solve your need for well-being."
Leopold von Broich


Super soft and comfortable due to the frotched layer in the heel and underside of the foot as well as toes.


The temperature-regulating mohair material makes the socks always feel warm and comfortable even if it is icy outside.

House socks

The socks with all the names. It can simply be used anytime whether it is for walking in nature, sports, sleeping or just walking around at home.
Warm mohair socks for winter use or if you just physio your toes. Really good as home socks.Mohair walking socks inside out

What kind of socks is the walking socks?

The walking socks is a thick socks that is really nice to wear when the floor or weather can be cold. It has a normal length that does not go far above the tibia or knee. If you want to grab a pair of longer socks, the same model as hiking socks just longer, then a pair of hunter socks can be recommended. If you are more into a shorter socks or sock, then the sports socks are offered which only just cover the heel, but which is also thick. Which is really good if you have to go far but still want sun on the bottom of your leg.

Scratching or not scratching?

Human feet are different, so something that is often turned in relation to socks in natural materials is whether they scratch on the skin. Leopold has no doubt:

No,I wouldn't say the walking socks made of mohair scratches.

Ever since I can remember, I've liked this walking socks as it's called. I was still a kid the first time I got this socks on, and was defiant and thought it scratched, but it was pure conceit.

I expected it to scratch as it was hair, and I had before the mark on wool, which scratched wildly, but this socks did not. Since then, I've learned that it must be a matter of taste whether the yarn scratches or not."

Leopold continues:

Now that I've grown up and want to share my experiences with others, I've given my boyfriend, who has extremely delicate and delicate skin, a pair of these mohair socks, which she's been hugely fond of.

At first she was very critical when she got such a pair of hiking socks, made of mohair on her feet, but then I can see, despite her contradiction at first, she wears them everyday."

An experienced consumption pattern

Leopold is an experienced experiencer when it comes to using socks and products in mohair. After decades of using mohair, he has a personal consumption pattern that we ask about:
"Since I always have cold threshing, but not during heatwave periods with 40 degree heat, I use hiking socks about 8-9 months a year. In the summer it is not necessary, but in the colder and wetter times in Denmark I always use them. It doesn't matter if it's for going home, cycling for a ride or at work out in the cold, these socks are always on. After two to four days I usually change or air them so they are fresh to use again."
A consumption pattern is, of course, very different from person to person. Throughout, however, there is no doubt that Leopold uses its mohair hiking socks virtually throughout the year.
He continues:

"In some cases, I actually have the hiking socks on even though there is 30-40 degree heat. During the summer I often go hiking in the Austrian Alps, where a few good socks are worth an invaluable amount. Even after several days of hiking, there are no blisters to be found. The socks are just hung for aeration, and then they are ready to use again.

A little too easy actually. I actually do the same with the ski socks from Von Broich Mohair, after a day of skiing, then they come straight up and hang, because then they are fresh again for the day after. Six days of skiing is done easily with two pairs of ski socks."

Imagehiking socks in mohair

"In everyday life, I mainly use the hiking socks, again because I have very cold threshing, but also because they are always comfortable to put on. Such a pair of freshly washed, clean mohair socks that just slide over the foot, where you immediately get a sense of well-being up through the body, that's just gur, as they say! You quickly get ready to take the day and slide into the kitchen for a good cup of coffee. During the day, you feel how the socks massage the foot, so when they have to go off in the evening, the foot is nice.

It is also clearly recommended to try to wear the hiking socks in the felt shoes for extra comfort.

A full day with these socks doesn't even make the socks smell like it would otherwise do with normal cotton socks. In case I have extremely smelly feet for a period of time, then I wash the socks either after one or two days of use on the wool program or 30 degrees in machine. Therefore, it is smart with several pairs, also because you can choose color depending on your mood or project on the day."


A final comment on mohair in general

Despite no one doubting what relationship Leopold has with mohair, he describes it himself in the end:

'Now I'm obviously biased in terms of the mohair product, but I have to say that I definitely don't think anyone should go down on good equipment, quality and durability. That's exactly what these mohair socks provide. We're all a little weird in our own way, each our favorite color, and if I had to pick a few favorite socks, it's the hiking socks.

After trying a ton of different socks, I must probably say that these frames are corny on my needs, also because the color selection is plentiful. After trying several of the products at Von Broich Mohair, I can clearly favorite some products for hiking socks, throws and felt shoes."

Thank you for reading with 🙂